13 year old girl gang raped govt careless to bring justice Kainth


13 year old girl gang raped, govt careless to bring justice Kainth

Chandigarh, January 2.

The National Scheduled Castes Alliance, a socio-political organization
raising voice for the oppressed Scheduled Castes community in Punjab,
lashed out at the injustice being met out with many victims belonging to
the community. Discussing various issues and cases, Paramjit Singh Kainth,
President of the Alliance, opined that the current government in Punjab is
mischievously oppressing the victims from the Scheduled Castes Community.

Citing various cases of rape, assault, murder and sexual harassment,
Paramjit Singh Kainth brought forward a case of a 13 year old minor girl,
who was gang raped allegedly. Under political pressure from the upper
circuits of the government, Police has not been working up to its full
potential to bring justice to the little girl and put the accused behind

Kainth said “In a country where ‘Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’ is an integral
slogan in every politician’s speech, this instance of gang rape of a minor
is atrocious and the Administration and the government which is trying to
influence this case in a negative way is reminiscent

of the dark ages where the Scheduled Castes community was mistreated and
oppressed and no one was there to help or improve their condition.”

“A delegation of National Scheduled Castes Alliance had met with the
Inspector General of Police of Patiala Zone last month, where they brought
to light the issue in which the police had not charged the accused with
Section 376-D of IPC (gang rape) and Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989 in
the FIR, to shield the accused from harsher punishments. With the
intervention of NSCA, the sections were added to the FIR.” Told Kainth

Kainth said “No political party or any social organization has spoken about
this issue, just because the victim is from scheduled caste community and
belongs to a poor family. We’ve had cases of gang rape in past, even
legislations have been made in the parliament related to this issue but
still we are forced to see marginalisation of cases relating to Scheduled
Castes community. It’s been more than 6 months and no organization or any
judicial branch has taken notice of the situation and this case has been at
the mercy of the corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy.”

“The girl has been mentally traumatised ever since the cruel incident and
has left school and other daily routines. It’s due to the deteriorating law
& order situation in the State, victims like the little girl and her family
have suffer distress and mental torture.”

Kainth demanded for the immediate arrest of the accused in the case and
there should be action against each and everyone who tried to manipulate
the case and shield the accused from being put behind bars.


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