RTA office sets up pollution check camp at Bathinda


RTA office sets up pollution check camp at Bathinda

Mansa June 21 (Tarsem Singh Fernd) – As per the directions of the department, the state is healthy.
Mansa Pollution Check Center under the mission to create * Mission Healthy Punjab *
Mansa Kancia and Secretary RTA A day for the common people by the office Bathinda
Free pollution check camp set up. Assistant RTA Information by Bhupinder Singh
Dindya said that according to the directives of the department, the mechanism for making the state healthy
A one-day pollution check camp has been set up under the campaign,
Make pollution-free, appealing to live car drivers within days
Pollution must be checked at the free camp being set up. He said no
If the driver of the vehicle is found to be incomplete, then proceedings against him
Will be done. On this occasion the RTA Office of Bathinda Clerk Sahil Baga, Yadwinder
Singh, Ganga Ram, Lau Singh and Kulwinder Singh were present.


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