New revelations are happening every day, after the common people of Punjab have tightened their arms against drugs


After the common people of Punjab have tightened their arms against the drug, new revelations are happening every day, a fresh case has come up in Guloti village in the district moga of Punjab, where I have a chance to get my husband out of the swamp of drugs His husband put him on drugs so that his wife would not reveal the secret of his intoxication. Not only this, after getting drunk, her husband divorced Mahila. After which, to fulfill her drug addiction, she refused to give up her family and society, this woman started getting available for Rs. 20 to 200 along with truck driver and other passers. Meanwhile, Mahila has also imposed serious charges on the police employees. Currently, Shri Guru Granth Sahib After the intervention of the servicemen of the Satkar Committee (Damdami Mint), the said BSC Nursing Pass, the woman was admitted to a local drug addiction center This is where the woman has also expressed her desire to quit drug addiction.
Suffering to hear the media before herself, the victim Mahila Rupinder Kaur told how she got caught in the process of getting her husband drunk from the swamp.
Here, the servants of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee (Damdami Taksal) also told how on getting the information, they have searched the said lady and got her admitted to the drug addiction center.

On this matter, District Mukhi Arshadeep Singh Khalsa of Tarana Dal said that the Kush people of the administration and the drug traffickers should stop the addiction, otherwise the Khalsa army will not forgive them

When asked in charge of police station one Gurpreet Singh, the reply was that the investigation of the case is going on, proceedings will be brought against the culprits.


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