A woman’s place to get rid of drugs ….


Every creature who has been born in the world is indebted to his maternal grandmother because
Through it he has come into this world. According to a proverb when God saw it
That she is unable to raise a single child financially, so she has a mother
Made. Many of the world’s greatest men have made an indelible impression of their mothers
Happens. As far as protecting our children from drugs is concerned, every mother
The duty is to provide their children with such a healthy environment
Such an unpleasant effect on the mind, rather than being a drug addict.
Every woman who has a wife, mother, grandmother, grandmother and sister there is a responsible woman and
There is also a citizen who has the responsibility of the country on his shoulders; Because they belong to the country
Paneri is a spinach and a birthright. The first five years of each child are important,
The mother can make any baby she wants. Jija Bai, Queen C hanging, Kasturba, Chand Bibi
, With works by mothers like Bibi Nanaki, Mata Dhani and Mata Gujri Ji
History is full.
Babbani Stories Will Spare the Son.
Mothers need to read the golden history sheets to teach their children,
Telling them all the heritage witnesses, gurus and Maha-India, Gita Bible
To teach that the child’s moral level is so high and that of his life
Do not be swept away in severe storms like drug addiction, but only on Sidak
Cross the rest of your colleagues.
Bhagat Puran Singh (founder of Pingalwara Sri Amritsar) whenever his mentor –
When asked about the state of generosity and success, he himself answered: – ”
I invested in my newspapers, monthly and weekly with the tenth failing capital and
Had started studying books. Those studies today make the country the biggest hit
Is surprising scholars. All this fruit from my mother in my childhood
Of stories. ”
This is why Bhagat ji always insisted that the hands of the passing pulse
Mothers have to prepare their own children for the ability to live
The daily recitation of the verses of Gurmat like Japu Sahib, Japu Sahib to children
Saints, devotees and great men reciting and reciting Swash Swash Bhagwan
Need to be told. Fulfill every child as a female mother
Doing a great job of representing God is followed closely by devotion.
Now we have to consider if unfortunately a mother’s baby or baby
If misguided, how to get him on a straight path. If in the family
If the child’s father or grandfather is a victim of drugs, then the child may have a rough idea about it
Do not share, but make the child feel that alcohol is a bad thing and not
Drunken, because they are drunk as long as alcohol is inside them, not
So everyone is a good person. Practical not bad Practical is bad. Drug addict
The patient should be treated as his disease. Psychologically slowly
All problems must be solved.
Giving the baby stolen money from a father and being unaware of their consumption,
May be tragic. Keep the baby close so that he or she regrets all their pain
Share with you, so that he doesn’t have to resort to a false drug.
Use your child’s power in constructive work. Make the most of his free time,
Because the idle mind is the devil’s devil. So be careful to keep that in mind
How is your child’s company? Complete information about your child’s friends
Get it. Listen patiently to your child’s problems and wisely address them
Suggest a solution Be sure to set your ideal example in front of your child. About drugs
Alert your child to avoid getting more information
Keep on giving.


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