Most affected by spinal cord problems


Most affected by spinal cord problems

Ludhiana, July 1: Elderly more than spinal cord problems
Are affected by age and disk dehydration, ligaments and osteophytes
These problems arise due to degenerative changes in the All this
Changes can suppress the nerves, causing various types of pain.

Dr. Harsimrat Bir Singh Sodhi, Consultant Neurosurgery, Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula
Said that when the upper spinal cord was affected, the neck to the entire spine
These changes can occur in the bone (cervical spondylitis), in the patient’s hands
Include acute pain, weakness in the grip of the hand, or stiffness in both legs, etc.
Are. These are equal changes in the lumbar spondylitis.
If there is pain in the back, pain in any leg or walking
Is difficult

Dr. HS Sodhi stressed that these related to the spinal cord
Physiotherapy and regularity in preventing the early development and progression of problems
Exercise plays an important role. For severe compression, patients return to their normal daily routine
Surgery has a good role to play in bringing back Mara, provided it starts early
Be done with steps and with special gestures. He insisted that this
It is wrong to assume that spinal surgery results in poor results and that patients
Comes to bed completely. This produces good results.


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