Unemployment for teachers to fill in the gaps – Deepak Kamboj



Unemployment for teachers to fill in the gaps – Deepak Kamboj

Chandigarh July 5 (Sandhu) ETT An important meeting of the unemployed Teachers Union Punjab was held at Tat Pass by the Education Minister, Punjab. P Soni Ji met at the Punjab Bhawan. In which Union President of the Union, Deepak Kamboj informed the Minister of Education about his demands and said that long time unemployed ETT teachers are suffering from unemployment due to all the qualifications. Seeking regular recruitment, Fateh Singh Buter, state vice president of the union, told the education minister that this time around 15,000 unemployed teachers have passed the tat, most of which are close to being over-aged, if not timely posts. They will be deprived of their employment.

After the meeting, the leaders informed the journalists that Mr. O.P. Soni ji listened to them all but could not agree on any demand. Condemning the harsh words, he said that the government was making excuses for employing the unemployed by excluding the exchequer. Unhappy unemployed teachers leaders from the meeting appealed to unemployed teachers from across the Punjab to fill in the gaps and declared a sharp struggle till employment gains. Apart from the above, 16 members including Des Raj Jalandhar, Nirmal Zira, Malik Lodhi, Deep Aman Mansa, Sunita and Priyanka were present in the meeting.


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