Floral Fruit and Shaggy Shrubs planted in schools of Block Ferozepur-2



Floral Fruit and Shaggy Shrubs planted in schools of Block Ferozepur-2

Ferozepur 7 July (Sandhu) The Punjab Government has released an app called i-greenery under the government’s ‘Home-to-Green’ program to make the environment clean and green, downloading the Android mobile phone download. The plant can be obtained from the nurseries of your choice by conducting the scheme. The plants were planted in the schools with the support of the students by receiving the shoes from the government nurseries from the teachers of different schools of K. At that time teachers were motivated by the children to make the environment pure, green and green. They told the children that the environment has become very polluted, today we need to bring all of us together to fight pollution. Plant a large number of trees around you. Teachers further told the children that the lack of trees was causing enormous problems in the environment, the ground water level was diminishing day by day, so as to avoid drought, to cleanse the environment to prevent diseases. Large numbers of shrubs should be planted. The slogan ‘Every man, a tree, a tree’ to keep kids aware of the environment in schools. One tree, all happiness’. Water, so is tomorrow. Water is life. Take care of trees. Plant trees, protect the environment. And more slogans were raised. The teachers told the children that we should look after our responsibilities by planting shoes as we consider our responsibility. He said that not only do we get oxygen with the plants, they are environmentally clean and the human beings survive thousands of diseases along with these trees. Children and teachers are currently helping the children to clean the environment and take care of the plants. Died. In the schools, the children found their school green and beautiful, with a great deal of planting and shoemaking. Shoes were planted in



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