Subdivision made by Deputy District Education Officer, Sukhwinder Singh



Subdivision made by Deputy District Education Officer, Sukhwinder Singh

Ferozepur, November 14 (Sandhu): The Education Department has decided to hold a child fair in schools across Punjab on the 14th day of Bal-Day on the completion of the one-year pre-primary classes, under which the Government Primary School was established today. A pre-primary classes at -3 were organized by the staff at the child fair. Parents participated liaaisa Deputy District Education Officer in the Child Fair. Sukhwinder Singh and Read Punjab Education Block Master Trainer, Punjab Ranjit Singh Khalsa attended the event. Speaking on the occasion, the Head of the School, Mrs. Geeta Kalra, said that the children from 3 to 6 years in the school are taught very interestingly through the game method. They said that there are five stalls in the school today, including physical development. , Language development, intellectual development, creative development and report card stalls have been set up and activities are being carried out by the children at every stall. The officer said that the pre-primary classes were started by the Punjab government on November 14 last year, in which about 1 lakh 70 thousand children were enrolled. He said that the pre-primary classes were successful today. The running year is over. The parents and children of the children attending the child fair are asked about the activities in the pre-primary or Informed and motivated their children to enroll in pre-primary and on the occasion parents of 2 children were enrolled in pre-primary class. On this occasion children participated in fancy dress, githa bhangra, dance and other activities. The parents of the children and the villagers were greatly appreciated. Staff members Sarabjit Singh Bhavha, Kanchan Rani, Ramanjeet Kaur, Ram Pyari, Nanaki, Sonia, Sheila, Amjrati, Amravati and others were present on the occasion.


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