Inspection of Free Medical Camps in all 22 Districts of Punjab ….. Dr. Bali, Dr. Kalakh


Bilaspur (Kuldeep Gohal, Mintu Khurmi, Mithu Mohammad) Medical Practitioners across Punjab have supported the farmers ‘struggle by participating in the farmers’ struggle and providing basic health care to the people fighting in the heat. In this regard the State President of Medical Practitioners Association Punjab Registered 295 Dr. Ramesh Kumar Bali and State General Secretary Dr. Jaswinder Singh Kalakh thanked all the doctors of Punjab and said that as long as the struggle of the farmers continues, the Medical Practitioners will continue to support. .
This view was shared by the state committee members on their arrival at Mahil Kalan while inspecting the medical camps in Ludhiana, Barnala, Bathinda and Sangrur districts.
In this regard the state president of Medical Practitioners Association Punjab Dr. Bali said that the displacement of farmers was being done by the central government under a conspiracy.
He further said that the displacement of farmers was affecting all the people of the country.
This Agriculture Ordinance Bill destroys the people. Indicates the genocidal policies of the corporate sector.
Dr. Bali said that time demands that we, together, raise our voice against the policies of the Center and move towards victory.


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