The need to support the peasant struggle by leaving different rags on different duffels


( Varinder Singh Khurmi ) When there are divisions in a joint family, there is an external force besides the family to disperse that family. When we present ourselves in front of someone in a weird way, people get their contribution to the cause by putting that weird in a messy way. Take a look at the people’s struggles so far, there will be hundreds of examples of successful or unsuccessful struggles as to how the government has been trying to thwart or derail those struggles. Today’s peasant struggle is drawing the attention of the entire country. The social media revolution has benefited from the fact that in earlier struggles only white-bearded elders were the focus of attention, but now the protests of the youth and housewives during this struggle are largely a testament to the fact that everyone has realized this. That robbery of the rights of farmers will affect every section of the society. Speaking of Punjab, from today’s political point of view, all the political parties seem to be sniffing out the 2022 elections from this peasant struggle.

On the other hand, like almost all the frogs in Punjab, the farmers’ organizations that have been scattered till now seem to have come together on a single scale. What has happened to the peasantry is reassuring, but if a militant organization turns its back on its own level or even dreams of straightening its winged owl out of the struggle, it will automatically expose itself to the public. The recent battle being waged jointly by the farmers’ organizations and the Shambhu Morcha is creating doubts in the minds of the pro-Punjab people. On the one hand, when the government is in the process of lighting a candle on the right of Punjab rather than abandoning its stubborn attitude, Vela demands a united front and struggle on the issue of common farmers.

There have been many moves at the government level to derail the struggles and if the government does not take any steps to quell this struggle which is tearing like a particle in the eyes of the government, it cannot happen. It is also a fact written on the wall that Punjabi speaking clever faces will be used as pawns to bring down this peasant struggle. While loyalties will be a part of history, the names of traitors will also be engraved on the heels of history. So it is the wish of every person who is able to speak and eat the food and water of Punjab, to be called a leader, to register his name among the sons of Punjab or among those who are haraam by eating food. Time demands unity and loyalty. If we are really on the path of fighting for the existence of Punjab, the peasantry of Punjab, the bright future of Punjab, and the dignity of Punjab, then first of all we need to shy away from the race of chanting different rags and different rags.


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