Singhu, Tikri and Kundli Border including various border medical camps … Dr. Mithu Mohammad


Delhi (Kuldeep Gohal Mintu Khurmi)
At the call of All India Medical Federation (Reg. 49039), teams of various doctors from districts of different states of India are providing basic health facilities to their people sitting on the Delhi Kisani Dharna.

As per the instructions of Dr. Ramesh Kumar Bali, State President, Medical Practitioners Association Punjab (Reg. 295), Dr. Jaswinder Kalakh, General Secretary, Punjab, and Dr. Magh Singh Manki, State Finance Secretary, Are looking In a similar vein, a team of doctors from Block Mahil Kalan led by Dr. Mithu Mohammad, President, District Barnala, took over the reins of the Delhi Farmers ‘and Workers’ Dharna today. In which Senior Vice President Dr. Sukhwinder Singh Thuliwal, Secretary Dr. Surjit Singh Chapa, Finance Secretary Dr. Sukhwinder Singh, Senior Member Dr. Surinder Pal Singh, and Dr. Parminder Kumar among others participated.

Talking to reporters here, Dr. Mithu Mohammad, Senior Vice President, Punjab said that since the beginning of the farmers’ agitation, free medical camps have been set up at various places across Punjab on the instructions of the state President Dr. Is being provided with basic health services. Today it is the turn of our district’s Delhi Dharnas to provide free medical services at various borders. We along with our team are coming to the “Free Medical Camps” in Delhi and distributing free medicines to our people. He said that the duties of “Day by Day” districts are being carried out from all over Punjab. Has been. Tomorrow is the turn of Dr. Sehiban of District Nawanshahr and District Moga, they are also coming to us.


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