Collected 289 samples and sent for testing


Moga October 11 / kuldeep gohal ,mintu khurmi , rajdeep

Civil Surgeon Moga Dr. Amarpreet Kaur Bajwa told about the situation of Corona cases in the district. This brings the total number of active cases of Corona in the district to 238 out of which 198 cases have been admitted to Home Isolation, 3 cases to Level 1 and 24 cases to Level 2 Isolation Centers.

He said that Health Department Moga has so far collected a total of 42733 saplings out of which 39956 saplings have been reported negative and 364 are awaiting report. It may be recalled that the Health Department Moga today collected a total of 289 saplings and sent them for testing. Civil Surgeon Moga Dr. Amarpreet Kaur Bajwa district
Appealing to the residents, he said that there was no need for the residents of the district to get involved in the baseless rumors being spread against the health department. The Department of Health has been taking care of Corona patients responsibly from the very beginning so that all the patients can overcome this and return home in good health. He said that we should follow the instructions issued by the Punjab government under Mission Fateh in our personal life as the only precau tion is the only way to prevent the spread of the virus. By identifying the patient in time, the patient can be cured and the infection can be prevented from happening to others.


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