Advocate Jatinderpal Singh Gill and his wife Jaspreet Kaur were honored by Gurdwara Chanduana Sahib.


Mahil Kalan / November 15 (Kuldeep Gohal Dr. Mithu Mohammad) -Village Naraingarh Sohia, Chhiniwal Khurd, Deewane, Gehla between these four towns Gurdwara Chanduana Sahib and Blind Sangeet Vidyalaya is supervised by Baba Suba Singh Ji. At Gurdwara Chanduana Sahib, Advocate Jatinderpal Singh Gill’s wife Advocate Jaspreet Kaur Gill Channanwal has been bringing her favorite food items to the children for a long time every week. Jatinderpal says that mentally retarded, disabled, helpless children come to them every week for 8-9 years continuously and my life gets a lot of peace. Advocate Jatinderpal Singh and his wife Advocate Jaspreet Kaur were honored with a trophy by Mr. Baljit Singh, Sewadar of Gurdwara Sahib today. They go to perform Kirtan. Thanks to the grace of Baba Suba Singh, the children have been learning music from here and going to big gurdwaras to enjoy their life to the fullest.


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