Urban and public organizations will burn 25 statues of Modi and corporates


Nihal Singh Wala 23-10-2020 ( Kuldeep Gohal) The circle of struggle being waged by the farmers against the agricultural laws is increasing day by day. A joint march was organized by the urban and public organizations of Baghapurana city and the people in Baghapurana city were invited to celebrate Dussehra on October 25, 2020 in the open space behind Jain Model School Baghapurana by blowing up the life size statue of Modi and capitalists. The caravan was invited to join in the procession. Addressing the march, Balwant Singh Baghapurana, convener of the cooperation committee, said that despite the strong opposition of the farmers, the three agriculture laws enacted and the forthcoming Electricity Amendment Bill 2020 would have a devastating effect on all except the farmers. With these black laws, poverty, unemployment, inflation and black marketing will reach new heights, the smoke of trade and business will be extinguished due to the recession already created by the wrong decisions of the Modi government, all the leaders present at the time said. .ST. Such catastrophic decisions have already brought small businessmen, traders and the working class to the brink of disaster and the severe lockdown without the necessary arrangements and information has also taken out the remaining cancer. No summary of small business and working class has been taken. He said that the package released by the government has further flooded the coffers of the rich and turned a blind eye to the common man. The leaders said that during Karona lockdown, electricity bills, waiver of rent of government shops and other tax concessions should be given. Co-convener Surinder Ram Kussa said that with these black laws the government has attacked not only the farmers but also all the traders, merchants and the entire working class. He called upon all the citizens to join the protest on October 25 against the agricultural laws and Punjab Farm Workers Union leader Major Singh Kaleke said that he had assured the participation of a large number of farm laborers. Demonstration against agricultural laws at Baghapurana on the occasion of Dussehra will be very important and unique in terms of community spirit. Harnek Singh, Principal Randhir Singh, Ajit Singh, Bant Singh Rajeana, Bharat Singh Phulewala and other leaders of Pensioners Association participated.


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