Mandeep Khurmi once again in the spotlight with his new song “On Our Hiccups, You Don’t Commit Suicides”


Mahil Kalan / Nihal Singh Wala (Kuldeep Gohal, Dr. Mithu Mohammad) While Mandeep Khurmi is a good columnist, he has also composed many standard songs for the Punjabi mother tongue. Mandeep Khurmi slammed the Government of India in favor of the farmers-laborers who are struggling on the streets of Punjab against the black laws imposed on the farmers of Punjab by the Government of India.
Suicide is not the seed rulers OA) and very soon the world famous melodious singer Nirmal Sidhu’s voice is coming to your court. This song has also been sung by Nirmal Sidhu in musical tunes. We hope that by writing such songs, Mandeep Khurmi will continue to look after social issues.


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