Nihal Singh Wala November 5 India Level Chakka Jam Report


Nihal Singh Wala November 5 (Kuldeep Gohal Mintu Khurmi) – Implementing the call of All India Kisan Talamel Sangharsh Committee for India Level Chakka Jam in collaboration with various Kisan Mazdoor Naujawan and other public organizations at Nihal Singh Wala Chowk from 12 noon to 4 pm The wheel was completely blocked. Addressing the gathering on the occasion various spokespersons said in unison that while the anti-farmer laws were about to convert the farmers into bonded laborers, the hoarding was legalized and inflation was on the rise.
By increasing exponentially, the poor are worsening the condition of the workers and leading to further displacement of employment. On the occasion the spokespersons unanimously demanded the immediate repeal of the anti-people anti-farmer laws and also welcomed the decision of the Kerala government to implement MSP of fruits and vegetables and demanded from the Punjab government to take similar decisions. . On occasion the leaders said in unison that the non-meeting of the elected representatives of Punjab by the President also exposed the face of the naked white fascist government. The leaders also passed a resolution against the anti-labor reforms and decided to support the nationwide strike of workers on November 26, saying that the struggle against anti-people policies would continue. On this occasion Comrade Jagjit Singh Kul Hind Kisan Sabha, Dr. Rajveer Patto (MPAP), Gurmail Machhike (RMP), Harman Himmatpura (Mazdoor Mukti Morcha), Mohinder Dhurkot (Narenga Employed Workers Union), Jeevan Bilaspur (Rural Revolutionary Workers Union) , Gurdit Dina (Young Leader), Dr. Jaswinder Patto (MPAP), Sukhmandar Singh Dhurkot (Indian Farmers Union (Kadia)), Dr. Jagraj Singh (Debt Relief Movement), Karamjit Manuke (Youth Leader), Dr. Gurpartap (Alliance Club), Inderjit Dina Student Leader, Sira Grewal ( Author Vichar Manch), Asu Singla NGO, Democratic Employees Front leaders Dr. Jagraj Singh, Mahinder Singh Saidke (MPAP), Faqir Mohammad (Muslim Front Punjab), Governor Kussa Baba Jeevan Singh Social Welfare Union.


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