More than 75 new CCTV cameras have been installed in the sub-divisional area. Will be monitored by camera


Palaces (Dr. Mithu Mohammad)
As per the directions of Mr. Sandeep Kumar Goyal PPS Senior Police Captain Barnala ji Dr. Pragya Jain IPS Assistant Captain Police Sub Division Mahilkals under the supervision of Sub Division Mahilkals in the area of ​​Police Station Mahil Kalan, Police Station Talewal and Police Station Thuliwal due to various LOCATION IDENTIFY More than 75 new high-tech CCTV cameras have been installed in view of the project.
Efforts are underway to install more such cameras to cover the entire area.
Disclosing this here today Mr. Badal said that CCTV cameras would be used to cover the area of ​​the sub division and keep a close watch on the bad elements and the sub division would help in curbing the crime in the area of ​​Mahilkal.
Apart from this the gatherings during the festive season and during the procurement of rabi-kharif crops will be monitored.
These CCTV cameras will be helpful in protecting the people of their area by patrolling and blockading by the police parties in the area of ​​the sub-division.
Special checking of suspects is being carried out at night and action is being taken against the culprits.
Dr. Pragya Jain I.P.S has appealed to the general public to immediately inform the police about the bad elements.
The police should be given full cooperation to maintain law and order.
Special thanks were extended to the Gram Panchayat Mahilkals and Shopkeepers Union for their support in this regard.


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