Police flag march in Mahil Kalan Bazaar in view of Diwali festival ….


Mahil Kalan (Kuldeep Gohal, Mintu Khurmi)

To ensure security during Diwali, under the direction of Sandeep Goyal PPS Senior Captain Police Barnala Dr. Pragya Jain IPS Assistant Deputy Captain Police Sub Division Mahil Kalan Gurtar Singh Chief Officer Police Station Thuliwal and Inspector Jaswinder Kaur Chief Officer Police Station Mahil Kalan along with the police party carried out a flag march on foot in Mahil Kalan Bazaar and informed the general public that no unclaimed bags or anything or any suspicious persons were present these days. If a person is found, his information should be given to the police immediately and the general public should not face any problem in the market. A police public flag march was organized.

Dr. Pragya Jain IPS appealed to the general public to celebrate pollution free Diwali with their families.
He appealed to the people to co-operate with the police for security arrangements so that the common responsibility of the general public and the police for the security of their community could be further enhanced.


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